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Advised incoming goods

Tobias Schultz / KTCards.de
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We would like to keep you informed about the upcoming incoming goods of highly sought-after items. These are notified by the suppliers and manufacturers and serve as a guide for you. 

As we want to give everyone the chance to receive highly sought-after items, pre-ordering has been suspended for the time being. As soon as the incoming goods are booked, the displays, sets and boxes can be conveniently ordered. So sign up for the notification list for your favorite products right away so that we can inform you immediately!

Product Item No. Advised

Dragon Ball - FB-01 "Fusion World 01" Booster Display - EN (2nd Wave)

668 28.05.2024

Dragon Ball - FB-02 "Fusion World 02" Booster Display - EN (2nd Wave)



Star Wars: Unlimited "Spark of Rebellion" Booster Display - EN 242 31.05.2024

One Piece CG - OP 05 Awakening of the New Era Booster EN

128 02.08.2024

One Piece CG - OP 06 Wing of the Captain Booster Display EN

125 02.08.2024
One Piece CG - OP-07 500 Years in the Future 274 02.08.2024