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2nd Set "Shadows of the Galaxy" from Star Wars: Unlimited

Tobias Schultz / KTCards.de
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Welcome to the first look at Shadows of the Galaxy, the thrilling second set of Star Wars: Unlimited! 

This set takes the focus off the conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance and puts the Outer Rim on center stage. Bounty hunters play a big role in this set, so much so that there’s a whole new “bounty” mechanic added to the game. There are actually three new mechanics introduced in this set, two of which we will cover today. No doubt you’re excited to see what this set has to offer, so without further ado, let’s dive right into Shadows of the Galaxy!

Just like with Spark of Rebellion, this set will launch with a Two-Player Starter that features a pair of pre-built, ready-to-play decks. This time, these decks feature Moff Gideon (Shadows of the Galaxy, 7) and The Mandalorian (Shadows of the Galaxy, 18) as leaders. Let’s take a look at these two arch nemeses and see what their different playstyles have to offer!

First up, we have Moff Gideon. This formidable commander comes with a pre-built Vigilance and Command deck, and he is all about overwhelming his opponents’ units. His ability powers up his units that cost 3 or less, and while he is deployed on his unit side, those same units also gain Overwhelm. This synergizes well with units like the Phase-III Dark Trooper (Shadows of the Galaxy, 84), which costs low enough to benefit from Gideon’s boost while also having the ability to power itself up further. If your opponent starts upgrading one of their units, you can use Calculated Lethality (Shadows of the Galaxy, 39) to take it out and grant more Experience tokens to your Dark Trooper at the same time. Then, once you manage to build up enough resources, you can deploy Gideon’s Light Cruiser (Shadows of the Galaxy, 242) and bring a fallen Dark Trooper back for free.  

On the other side, we have The Mandalorian, whose pre-built deck features the Cunning and Vigilance aspects. The Mandalorian’s ability allows you to exhaust an enemy unit when you play an upgrade, which combos well with the rest of his deck. For example, you can use The Mandalorian’s ability to exhaust a unit that you play an upgrade like Wanted (Shadows of the Galaxy, 221) onto. This card gives the attached unit a Bounty, which serves as a reward for its opponent for defeating or “capturing” it. Capturing units is a form of temporary removal; the captured unit loses all of its upgrades and is placed facedown under the unit that captured it (the “guarding unit”). When the guarding unit leaves play (for any reason), the captured unit is “rescued” and returns to play exhausted under its owner’s control. This doesn’t count as being played, and therefore doesn’t trigger any “When Played” abilities.

In order to capture a unit, you must play a card that allows you to do so. For example, you could play Wanted on an enemy unit, exhausting them with The Mandalorian’s ability, then deploy him and give him The Mandalorian’s Rifle (Shadows of the Galaxy, 251) to capture the unit you just exhausted. Since you captured the unit, you get to collect its Bounty, allowing you to ready two resources, which you can then use to help pay for the Razor Crest (Shadows of the Galaxy, 44) and get the Wanted upgrade back. Alternatively, you can use the resources to play Grogu (Shadows of the Galaxy, 196) instead, giving you even more options for exhausting enemies.  

With over 250 new cards and three brand-new mechanics (bounties, capture, and the last one that we’ll reveal later), Shadows of the Galaxy is bound to keep the Star Wars: Unlimited momentum going. Stay tuned for more news, previews, and card spoilers as we count down toward the second set’s release! 

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